The Wexford bus iPhone app is available for download here.

The first time you start it up, it asks to use your current position. It may be useful for you to see where you are on the map, but it does consume more battery power. You can turn it on/off again in Settings -> Location Services.

On start-up you see a map like this:
After that, it should be pretty intuitive to use. Please note:
- Occasionally, a bus doesn’t broadcast its position. If you don’t see your bus on the map, assume it’s on time.
- The bus positions update every 20 seconds. You’ll see a valid direction only after the bus has moved.
- Due to unavoidable lag in the system, the bus may be 30 seconds ahead of where it is on the map. Don’t cut it too fine getting to the bus stop.
- The app cannot load new bus positions/timetables if accessing the Internet through a firewall, e.g., in a workplace.

If you have any questions/comments, please drop us an email at We’ll try to get back to you within a day.